La rottura degli Oasis raccontata con Storify

  1. 3 October 2008, Dig Out Your Soul, seventh and final album by Oasis, is released.
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    Dig Out Your Soul Trailer
    Sun, Mar 25 2012 05:31:36
  3. They start a tour, that begins from North America. 26 August, Seattle.
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    Oasis- Ain’t Got Nothin’ (live in Seattle, WA, Aug 26, 2008)
    Wed, Aug 27 2008 20:36:27
  5. During the North American tour, while they are playing in Toronto, Canada, a man run on stage and shove Noel to the ground. The band leave the stage, but after five minutes, the show continue.
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    Attack on Oasis @ Toronto
    Mon, Sep 08 2008 16:59:20
  7. 2009, Oasis come to Italy, for 5 special concerts. They are playing really good, nearly like first times.
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    OASIS – Wonderwall live in Rome 2009
    Sat, Feb 21 2009 05:04:18
  9. Tour comes to South America. On 3 May, Oasis play their fourth gig on Buenos Aires, Argentina. At the end of “Don’t Look Back In Anger”, Noel Gallagher get sentimental due the accompaniment of the public towards him. Before “I Am The Walrus”, people start to sing “Live Forever”
    (this also happened in Lima), suggesting the brothers to play it. The
    band doesn’t accept and then continue with the final song. After that,
    Noel Gallagher says it was one of the best shows of his life.
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    Oasis – I Am The Walrus (Live in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 03-05-2009)
    Mon, May 04 2009 10:59:10
  11. Back to England, on 11 July 2009 with the rain pouring at Wembley Noel play the guitar
    to Don’t Look Back in Anger and doesn’t sing a word and the whole crowd
    sing it back to him, he gives the crowd a round of applause at the end of
    the song.
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    Oasis Don’t Look Back in Anger Wembley Stadium July 11 2009
    Sun, Jul 19 2009 08:55:48
  13. 20 August, The Spa, Bridlington, Yorkshire. The show is watched by under 3000
    people, hosted in a very small venue. The gig is described
    as “colossal” and “very Intimate” by a small number of fans, who are greeted by members of the band. Liam Gallagher, Gem Archer, Andy Bell,
    Chris Sharrock and Jay Darlington sign autographs and
    allow pictures to be taken with their fans, outside the venue bar
    shortly after the gig.
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    Oasis Live Forever Live Bridlington Spa Theatre 20/08/2009 720p HD
    Thu, Aug 27 2009 06:34:01
  15. The V Festival slot at Weston Park, Stafford on 22 August 2009 is the last Oasis gig, because the band break up just before the show of 30 August, at the I-Day Festival in Milan.
  16. It’s the end of a fantastic story, started in 1994, with “Defintely Maybe”, their adored debut album. Still now, Oasis fans are not fain.
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    RT @nath_mcmonagle: wish I got to see Oasis before the break-up
    Thu, Mar 22 2012 15:38:14
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    Oasis are amazing, wish they didn’t break up fml
    Mon, Mar 19 2012 13:43:53
  19. Noel Gallagher is now on tour for promoting his solo debut album “Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds”. Same for Liam, who is the lead singer of Beady Eye, simply the Oasis without Noel Gallagher.
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    Mon, Feb 13 2012 19:00:00
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    Mon, Mar 05 2012 19:00:00
  22. But everybody hopes for a reunion, sooner or later.
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    speriamo di non dover attendere tanto a lungo
    Thu, Mar 22 2012 08:21:31
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    An Oasis reunion tour would be amazing!
    Sat, Mar 24 2012 17:50:06
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    I think its fair to say OASIS NEED TO DO A REUNION WORLD TOUR . . . oh and please stop by little old New Zealand please and thankyou
    Sat, Mar 24 2012 02:25:32
  26. Even Liam, who leaves the door open.
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    Oasis Reunion
    Tue, Oct 25 2011 09:03:51